Logistical Counseling and Business Advising


To Be In Business was established in 2006 and is a company which specializes in improving and optimizing efficiency of all different kind of perspectives for managing companies.

The company employs some of the best experts in different fields to ensure the most professional analysis of the current situation in the client’s company which will enable a process of improving the work method to ensure better performance and lower costs. Experts from different domains enable the company to be the one stop shop that it is and to improve any process in the client’s company: organizing and work methods, improving the logistical settings, re-organizing production systems, raising funds, approaching governmental foundations and upgrading purchasing value.

Purchase Value –

We offer our clients assistant with purchasing, locating product replacements, localizing quality suppliers to complicated products with special standard demands, finding additional suppliers in order to ensure that the client will have a number of alternative suppliers for each product to reduce costs. Based on the company’s knowledge we are capable to acquire products from several domains and producing technology for example: for the Traditional industry, rubber and plastic products, metal casting, machining, electronic products, ?? for the chemistry industry and medical supplies.

Several advantages under one rooftop –

To Be In Business offers a diverse knowledge. Its extensive experience provides results that can be indicated by our clients. Our company accompanies its clients in every step of the way with its professional staff and management personal to ensure the client’s success. By doing that it plays an integral part in the client company’s accomplishments by being involved, creating a good partnership and taking responsibility.

You are welcome to leave your contact info and join To Be In Business wide circle of clients which offers a diverse knowledge and makes sure to be there for the client at every step of the way.